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Golubky - the guys who came from Dnipro river

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Hlib was 17 when the war broke out and he was alone in Kyiv, his parents lived in Makiïvka and he could not go home.
Two weeks after the outbreak of war, while he was in a bombshelter in the Kyiv subway, he found out about Matteo: an Italian theater director who started in Verona a humanitarian project for drama students fleeing war. Hlib was one of the first to make it out of Ukraine.

Along with Hlib, Matteo and Davide, confounder of the project, welcomed 50 young drama students fleeing war.
The guys begin a theater project turning Euripides’ The Trojan Women into a meta-theatrical drama. The Trojan women are the Ukrainian guys, the stories told during the play are their life stories. During the creation of the play the guys look at themselves very closely: who they left behind, the guilt of being in Italy, the bewilderment and pain, the desire to survive and live to help their families. The boundary between stage fiction and personal stories becomes thin, disappears.

Golubky aims to show the lives of the students, a group of young refugees facing the consequences of war while they are
becoming of age.

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