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Extinction Rebellion - Act on behalf of life

I approached the Italian movement of Extinction Rebellion in October 2019, during the International Rebellion Week. I lived with them for the entire week, sharing both moments of action and those of remarry, building a relationship that lasts so far.

The ideal of building a Regenerative Culture pushes the activists to cultivate deep interpersonal relationships, as if they want to build an active brotherhood. This led me to photograph above all what they exchange in moments of mutual care that precede and follow the stress of an Action.

Extinction Rebellion is an international non-violent civil disobedience movement that calls for a climatic and ecological emergency to be declared. The elimination of CO2 emissions is only the beginning of a general rethinking regarding the current development and life model in the West, which wants to be counterbalanced by the activists with a Regenerative Culture, expressed in dialogue and non-violent actions, in the mutual personal attention, in the effort to achieve a fairer and healthier social condition for all.

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