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My Name is Nico
a Love Story


"Evryone lives trying to make something out of what they have been given and trying to fill the void of what he was left without. Let me do that too. Don't analyze me. Don't try to understand. Don't try to find differences and similiarities. Don't be the bigger person by 'accepting' me. I'd like you to stop trying to find a name for what I feel and what I am. But if you must, use mine. Nico."

The political insensitivity of Italy toward LGBTQ people has become a reality through the felt experience of Nico’s life. The portrayal of Nico and his life surrounded by friends, family, uncertainty and joy is a challenge to the idea that LGBTQ people should be denied equal rights.

The right to be yourself is inalienable, so Nico shares his choice to be himself.

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